About Volunteer Community Hospital

Volunteer Community Hospital is interested in helping people understand the endless parade of health blog articles, personal advice, and general concepts they come across in any given day. We don’t provide in-depth information and nuanced advice for complex medical conditions—at least not yet. Rather, we’re interested in the more “modest goal” of publishing A-Z directories of basic definitions and descriptions for various health and medical terminology.

We’re quickly working to build out these A-Z directories and start tracking what terms we’ve covered and which we still need to add. We recognize that to be a true health resource we need to provide even more information. So, while we think our current content is already a starting point for defining medical terms, we hope to build out a more comprehensive directory of deeply annotated medical terms that go beyond the parameters of dictionary/wiktionary summary information.

We’re volunteers. Obviously. We like to think we’re a community. Some of us previously or still work in hospitals. And the website was available. Plus, we figure our focus on medications and medical terms is the kind of stuff large groups of people will hear about in hospital settings, but there’s not always someone there to explain it to you.

If you’re interested in contributing a full-length, thoroughly researched feature article about one of our key medical terms, that’s great. Contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’d like to contribute or write about.